Monthly Archives: March 2015

China says Internet security necessary to counter ‘hostile forces’

A Chinese official in charge of regulating the Internet has said Beijing must strengthen Internet security because "overseas hostile forces" are using the Internet to "attack, slander and spread rumors", state media said on Sunday. Wang Xiujun, the deputy director of the China National Internet Information Office, said political security is fundamental, reported The People's Daily,...
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Spikes Security Raises $11M To Remove Endpoint Browsers And Replace Them With Something Better

The single biggest way that the bad people attack enterprise IT is via the internet browser and specifically browser-borne malware. It’s not a huge surprise, browsers are the lowest common denominator and an alluring place to focus attention – general users are, after all, more likely to visit risky sites than more savvy users, making...
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Java Developer

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
  • You will influence the development of a global product deployed on hundreds of servers around the world
  • Design and develop core, backend software components
  • Code primarily in Java and use JUnit
  • Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability and stability of existing backend servers
  • Conduct design and code reviews
Skills - Experience and Requirements:
  • Solid software engineering skills specifically developing...
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